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How co-working can work for you



The benefits of working well in North County Dublin.

The way we work has changed massively over the past year. While many companies already offered flexible work arrangements prior to Covid, others were forced to amend their policies overnight as the whole world started to work from home and the pandemic took hold. 

Working from home presented a whole range of challenges, but to the surprise of many - employee productivity didn’t drop. With proven results showing that a large number of employees can work from anywhere, many companies are beginning to adopt hybrid or remote working policies going forward - giving employees more flexibility on how, when, and where they work. 

Co-working has bridged the gap between work and home throughout the pandemic. Co-working spaces give employees a location, separate from home, to get their best work done. Encouraging a work-life balance and a focus on employee wellbeing. Employee wellbeing is our core value at The View and is our main driving force in developing our co-working community. 

Our ability to work remotely has also allowed for increased diversity. Giving employees in the suburbs the opportunity to benefit from the opportunities high quality and serviced offices offer, that was once only available in the city centre. 

Each option offers flexibility to suit you. 


One of the biggest draw factors about co-working is flexibility. Co-working spaces offer a range of setups. At The View, we have private offices, dedicated desks, and hot desks. Each offers its own range of benefits. Private offices allow you to have your own space with a lock and door. Dedicated desks give you your own space, with more involvement in the co-working community. Hot desks allow you to choose the days you benefit from co-working and working outside the home, choosing a day or week pass. Each option offers flexibility to suit you. 

Cost efficiency 

Flexible leases also allow for office rental at a lower cost. Many companies are adapting to co-working or a hub-and-spoke model. Having small office locations on the outskirts of cities - allowing employees to utilise a day in the office when it suits them. No need for long-term leases with a 20-year price tag. Hot desking also allows individuals to decide when they would like to work from a co-working space, only spending when suits them. Bike, walk, or a short drive to work far outweighs the lengthy train commutes in and out of the city. 


Working from home has many benefits. Less time spent commuting, the better quality of sleep, or sticking on a wash when you’re on lunch! However, work from home is not free of distractions. Be it housemates, family, children, or the delivery man it can be hard to get some work done. With the added pressure of homeschooling over the past year, it is a wonder any work has been done! Co-working allows you to have a break from home. Co-working spaces provide high-quality desks, chairs, and internet connections. At The View, we also offer an abundance of light, space, and magnificent views to inspire productivity. Not to mention our complimentary coffee!

 At The View, we also offer an abundance of light, space, and magnificent views to inspire productivity.

Community & Networking

Traditional office buildings offer closed-door private offices. A space to shut the door and get your work done. Being a part of a community is where co-working differs. Working in a co-working space immediately adds to your network. If you work alone or freelance, co-working allows you to feel like you are a part of a team and boosts social interaction. At The View our business cafe and social space on the first floor allows members to chat over a coffee. Whether it is a casual coffee on the terrace or a business meeting in our meeting room, members can engage and share ideas with each other at The View. 

Morning coffee, strong Wi-Fi & a welcoming face - Creating experiential moments

Co-working spaces also offer a range of serviced office extras that other office buildings don’t. Services at The View include enterprise-level Wi-Fi, front-of-house team, building maintenance, mail service, event space, meeting room hours, and a business cafe. We also provide office wall art and plants with plant maintenance throughout the space. Keeping The View bright, spacious and inspiring! 

If you are interested in securing a space at The View in 2021, email or visit our website to find out more about our flexible lease options and what works best for you. 


The View Malahide, co-working, North Dublin office

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