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In the past, remote working meant working from home or finding a quiet spot in a local cafe. Co-working spaces have changed this. Providing office quality lighting, desks, and chairs, co-working spaces also provide a productive space for you to focus. Space for you to work well, outside the home. 

Initially, co-working spaces popped up in cities. Giving smaller companies, remote employees, and freelancers a space to work. They were close to the larger company offices in cities, offering a sense of community and state-of-the-art facilities that most home offices could only dream of. From the correct seating to enterprise-level WiFi, co-working spaces bridged the gap for many - providing a more traditional office setting than working from your local cafe or spare bedroom. As the growth of co-working spaces continues many companies have become more flexible with where their employees work from and a global pandemic has shifted the way the whole world works. 

With hybrid working becoming more common and the future of work looking more remote than ever, coworking spaces have migrated. The number of suburban coworking spaces has grown, providing state-of-the-art facilities outside the cities. Co-working offices have become more accessible to those living in the suburbs, allowing members to be close to schools or home, instead of working in the city centre each day.

Less time spent commuting and working alongside other local businesses are some of the benefits of working in a local co-working and serviced office space. A local business community is developed and working relationships have the opportunity to grow. There are opportunities to collaborate with other local businesses. Increased networking is also more likely.

Less time spent commuting and working alongside other local businesses are some of the benefits of working in a local co-working and serviced office space.

Flexible leases give small businesses the opportunity to join a business community, without a massive financial outlay. At The View, our members work by the water close to the bustling village of Malahide. They have shorter commutes, work closer to home, and are a part of our growing community. 

Working well is at the heart of The View. We believe in a work-life balance. Our bright open space on the water in Malahide Marina is a space to get productive and inspiring work done, closer to home - without leaving North County Dublin. 


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We've created The View as we truly believe work is changing. Work well in the ideally located, picturesque village of Malahide overlooking breathtaking views of Malahide Marina and Lambay Island.

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